Squid Game Cryptocurrency: From $2,800​ To Zero In 5 Minutes

According to the recent report it was found that many investors lost their million in cryptocurrency which is mainly inspired by the new Korean drama ‘Squid Game’. We all know that squid game is the most popular Korean Netflix series that has surpassed all the records. If we talk about its popularity then the Korean Netflix series squid game has also broken the record of Money heist. In this concept, many investors have lost millions in cryptocurrency. If you have seen squid games then you must have seen how they have killed the players without any mercy. In the same way, many investors have faced the loss of millions in cryptocurrency. According to the sources it was claimed that many investors had lost from $2800 to zero in just five minutes.


Crucial things to know about squid game cryptocurrency:


There is no hidden fact that many people tend to invest their money to get profitable outcomes results. Squid crash highlights the regulatory gaps over the field of cryptocurrency. Mainly the government agencies including the private firms rush to get the grip on the volatile yet increasing popularity of the investment. It was also found that millions of dollars vanished in just a matter of a minute when the investor oiled onto a new cryptocurrency which is inspired by the Korean Netflix series Squid Game. Squid game is a popular Netflix survival series and it is highly watchable. as new cryptocurrency values plunge to nearly zero in just feel minutes. 


Now let’s explore more about cryptocurrency and its relationship with the Korean Netflix series squid game. The cryptocurrency mainly called Squid started its trading early last week at the price of just one penny per token. The recent reports also drew the attention of several mainstream media outlets. It was also seen that by early Monday, it was tradition for around $38 a token on the cryptocurrency exchange which is also called Pancakeswap. It is important to know that the squid or ee can say the cryptocurrency went on a roller-coaster rise. In just 10 minutes later on Monday, the value of token mainly grew from around $628.33 to $2858.65 as per the CoinMarketCap which is a crypto data tracking website. This website is very useful as it provides all. The essential details and report. 


According to the report and analysis of CoinMarketCap it was also claimed that it traded at $0.0007. If we talk about the recent report then according to the BscScan which is one of the Blockchain search engines and analytic platforms, Around more than 40000 people are still holding the token after the crash. One of the members of that platform who is John Lee 30 of Manila from the Philippines said that he had spent around $ 1000 on the token of squid while thinking somewhat instinctively that the team had been authorized by the Netflix show. John Lee also said that he was amazed and fully surprised when he knew that he was not able to sell the squid token immediately. He can easily sell the token now but he had left with almost nothing at the end. 


Many people are still willing to know the facts related to the collapse of squids. The main reason behind the collapse of cryptocurrency which was reported earlier by Gizmodo was not clear. The identities of the creators were also not clear. It’s the website that appears time has been taken offline. An email was also sent to the developers that have bounced back. Social media channels have also appeared to have been shut down as well. The Twitter account was not accepting the message and replies as well. 


In the situation of the aftermath, the cryptocurrency world is mulling whether the Squid was what the head of content at the CoinMarketCap Molly Jane Zuckerman called a rug pull in which the backers of cryptocurrency leave the market and take their investors to fund them most effectively. 


Mainly the developer of the meme coins such as Squid rarely identifies themselves as claimed by Yousef Anwar who is an editor at CoinMarketCap. When the investors suspect the wrongdoing in financial conditions then they could get passed from country to country or even from the regulator to the regulator with the purpose of investigation. 


Squid games also have some unusual features that can alarm investors. As per the words of Anwar it was claimed that the developers required that buyers outnumber sellers for about two to one to allow the further sale. 


Final Verdict


There is no hidden fact that cryptocurrency investment is a great way to expect profitable outcome results. Make sure to use your knowledge and strategy to invest your money in cryptocurrency for better results. It is important to seek every related news and information for the wise decision and to access a huge margin of profits as well.