Kryptonium Coin Protocol Whitepaper

We present you with the summary of specialized "vision" for one potential course that might take things further in the development of the cryptocurrency paradigm combined with some rationale that this is sensible. 

We introduce you all to a kind of cryptocurrency that lays out the stage of development of a system that may offer a concrete improvement & easy facilitation for the eCommerce business. It is not expected to cover non-core aspects, rather it is experimental & dynamic in nature i.e likely to enhance in the future. Our large portions will be revised whenever necessary to show what has worked for our customers or not. 

Various cryptocurrencies have exhibited guarantees of utility over various fields including eCommerce, IoT, finance, governance, & many more. However, with the explosion of numerous cryptocurrency prospectors, we have seen a significant number of buyers with higher rewards get pushed out due to the trap of high APY. We understand that these sparkly 6-digit figures can be tempting & almost every crypto or token has suffered a loss or inevitable bubble of valuation that leads to the burst & fall of the price. 

Created in 2021, our Kryptonium Coin expands on the functionality of its current prevalence to build a seamless online shopping experience with decentralized internet. 

Customized for eCommerce Community

Kryptonium is specifically designed for the eCommerce community. It is customized for eCommerce platforms to buy & sell products or services in place of currency. Kryptonium Coins are introduced to the world to ease the acceptance of online payment in the eCommerce world & widen the scope to earn passive rewards.

Kryptonium Coin solves a variety of problems. First, your reward amount is directly proportional to the volume of Kryptonium coins. In simple words, your earning is conditional upon the number of tokens/coins being traded. This mechanism lessens the downward selling pressure of coins due to the early adopters that sell after yielding crazy interests. 

Second,Kryptonium Coin encourages the holders to hang onto their coins to yield higher returns based on the volume of the transaction being taken place & the total number of coins possessed by the holders. You can check the current status of the circulating supply of Kryptonium on our website.

The major highlight of Kryptonium Coin is “The More You Hold, The More You Earn”

We aim to implement a mechanism that is lucrative & rewarding for those holders who want to stay in the game for the long run.


Mechanism of Kryptonium Coin

Specifically designed for the eCommerce community to work as a payment option, the Kryptonium coin is that you can never reach zero. 


How does it work?

Buyers can easily opt to pay with cryptocurrency to purchase goods or services on crypto-enabled eCommerce platforms. The merchant who’s acting as a seller gets Kryptonium in return. The seller now has the right to exchange it for any currency or keep it to get a higher APY in the future.


Kryptonium Protocol

Every transaction is taxed at 5%, which gets split in two ways.

  1. 2.5% transaction fee gets redistributed to all existing holders &,
  2. A 2.5% transaction fee goes into the liquidity pool.

The 50-50 split is performed in order to reduce the risk of the downward selling price of Kryptoniam.

Why is Kryptonium Coin a Better option for Cryptocurrency Holders?

Despite our grand talks & technological assurances, we believe that Kryptonium Coin will be a success in the real world. Let’s go through some failures of present cryptocurrencies.



What amount of money or resources have been spent globally on the processing & storage to process a single online transaction & what amount of transactions can be seamlessly processed under peak conditions?



Can the different needs of multiple buyers & sellers be addressed?



Can decisions be made with sufficient transparency & legitimacy to offer effective leadership of a decentralized system & adaptation over time?



Does the current crypto technology actually address a burning need? Is other “middleware” or medium required to bridge the gap between common services & capability to applications?

Considering the current scenario, we believe that the framework of Kryptonium Coin can deliver significant improvements for different classes of problems. Every crypto-enabled eCommerce transaction automatically contributes to generating liquidity that leads to an increase in the value in the wallet of Kryptonium holders.